Identity: Who is this man?

This is in the Bible in Mark Chapter 4

Today Granny told us a true story from the Bible. This true story is a big clue to tell us who Jesus is. Mark is writing to help us know who Jesus is and what Jesus came to do. Maybe when someone first met Jesus they thought he was just a normal bloke. But normal blokes don’t do, in fact can’t do, what Jesus did in our true story.

One day Jesus was teaching people by the side of a lake, there was such a huge crowd that Jesus had to get into a boat. As it started to get dark Jesus and His special friends called disciples who were fishermen started sailing to the other side of the lake. But suddenly a huge storm came out of nowhere. The waves were really high, the wind was blowing really hard, and the boat was filling with water and nearly going to sink.

Amazingly Jesus was at the back of the boat fast asleep lying on a cushion! Jesus special friends were so scared and thought they were going to drown. So they woke Jesus up. And do you remember what Jesus did? He got up and he spoke to the wind & the waves and they did what he said! Now if you or I go and speak to the wind or the rain it doesn’t do what we say! But Jesus ~ well He is able to speak to the wind & the waves so they do what he says. The wind stopped blowing and the waves went flat. Wow!
Jesus’ special friends were terrified and said “Who is this man, even the wind and waves obey him?”

And that is a good question for us all to ask. Who is Jesus? Is he just a normal bloke? Or is he in fact God?

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