Yesterday we heard that God promised he would send someone so that people could be God’s special friends

Well he did. God sent his own son.

Just before Jesus was born an angel told Joseph that Mary’s baby would be the one to save people from all their wrong doing.

When baby Jesus grew up to be a man he was going to do something amazing to rescue people. That was because he was God’s King.

When Jesus was a grown up some of the people did not like Jesus, they were jealous of him & did not want him to be God’s king. They thought they would stop God’s plan but God was in control. God knew what would happen because he’d planned it.

The men decided that they would kill Jesus. They arrested him and it was decided Jesus must die.

Jesus was given to soldiers who would take him to be killed.

The soldiers nailed Jesus to a wooden cross with 2 other criminals. One on one side of Jesus, the other on the other side.

Everyone laughed at Jesus & shouted rude things at him. Even one of the criminals being killed with Jesus said “Aren't you the Christ? Then save yourself! And save us too!”

But the other criminal, he'd been watching Jesus & he knew Jesus was God's king.

He spoke to the other criminal, “Stop! You should fear God! You are getting the same punishment as he is. But we are being punished justly because we have done wrong & deserve to die. But Jesus has done nothing wrong”

Then he turned to Jesus and said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!”

He knew Jesus was God’s king and that Jesus could save him.

Jesus said the criminal “Listen! What I say is true; today you will be with me in my kingdom”

Three hours later Jesus died
Jesus’ body was put in a cave, and then 3 days later Jesus rose from the dead.
He came back to life!!!!
Isn’t that amazing?!
The Bible tells us Jesus died, so God could forgive us all the things we do wrong. This is God’s rescue plan.

And because of what Jesus did, we can now be God’s special people. All we have to do is trust him to save us and ask his help to live with Him as our king.