Today Hamish & Bonnie told us about God’s amazing Cosmic Invasion from the very beginning of the Bible.

In the beginning there was nothing. No earth at all & it was completely dark. God then spoke and each time exactly what God said, happened.

God said “Let there be light!” and there was light, then he said “Let there be sky!” and there was sky, then he said “Let there be land and seas” and there was land and seas, and then “Let there be trees and grass and flowers and plants on the land” and there were trees, grass, flowers and plants.

Then God said let there be the sun, moon and stars” and there were the sun, moon and stars, then “Let there be fish in the seas and birds in the air” and there were fish and birds. God then said “Let there be animals of all kinds” and there were animals of all kinds.

Finally God spoke again and said “Let us make man & woman. They will be like us. They will be in charge of the whole earth & all the animals & birds & fish that live on the earth. They are to look after them.

And every time God made something, He looked at it and saw that it was good. God had made a beautiful place.

So God made the man & the woman. He made them like him.

God looked at everything he had made and saw that is was VERY good. Now that’s a cosmic invasion!

God made the whole world, so God is in charge of the whole world. He’s the King!

God made the man and the woman to be his special people and to enjoy living with God as king.

The man and the woman were now to live with God as their king and obey God’s word. There was just one rule to keep. They could eat from any tree in the beautiful garden except one.

God has made us too and that means he’s in charge of us. He wants us to enjoy living with him as our king.

But then another invasion happened

Satan crept into the garden looking like a snake. He hated God and he tempted the man and the woman to disobey God and eat from the special tree.

The man and the woman God had made, instead of obeying God, rebelled against God and disobeyed God’s word.

Human beings rejected God’s plan. They said “No!” to God being king!

God had warned them that if they disobeyed him, he would punish them and so he sent them out of the special garden he had made for them to enjoy. Because they did not want God to be their king they cannot be God’s special people.

We too don’t want God to be our king, we have rebelled against God and disobeyed Him and that means we can’t be God’s special friends.

But… there is good news, because God promised he would again make people his special friends but that’s for tomorrow!!